Our Teachers 

Our teachers graduated from top academic institutions and are passionate about the subjects they teach. They are also well-versed in different admissions tests and standardized testing methods and are able to prepare students for the relevant tests in an optimal time. They have logged a combined 10,000 teaching hours over the past year and can appropriate motivate and encourage students.

Derek Choi

Senior Advisor

Derek has been teaching for over 10 years, in UK and in HK, and has a very good understanding of different education systems and curricula. Graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics, he has been a specialist marker for GCSE Mathematics and has taught numerous students across the IB, GCE AL, IGCSE, AP, SSAT and local curricula. He is interested in making Math more approachable to students of all ages.



Jay is the chief instructor of our STEM Course. Graduated with a degree in science, he loves doing experiments with children and encouraging them to do their own experiments and teaching them how to think with a critical mind. He also teaches Physics up to IBDP level.



Queenie is a graduate of the London School of Economics. An accountant turned teacher, she finds educating the next generation much more fruitful and enjoyable. Having studied in top schools in HK and the UK, she teaches Mathematics in the IB PYP, British National as well as the local curricula. Her forte is in helping students grow an interest in Mathematics



Cecilia has over 20 years in teaching primary children from top local schools in English, Chinese and Mathematics. She is especially good with motivating children and training them for interviews for local schools.



Wayne grew up in California and graduated with a degree in Philosophy. An avid reader, he has a very clear mind and enjoys teaching structure and vocabulary to children. He has taught for over 5 years in the US and HK and is available to coach students in TOK as well as Literature Analysis.



Sharon graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in English. She is very passionate in educating children and has a good grasp of both the local and international school systems. She teaches English and general interview skills.



Karfai has studied in HK, UK and US and understands the different education systems. A motivated personality himself, he enjoys teaching secondary school students in Mathematics and coaching them on furthering their education paths.



Preeti is a seasoned teacher at one of the most prominent international schools in HK. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and is well trained in motivating children, particularly for reception year entrance interviews and early age learning. Her students have been admitted into ESF schools, CIS, ISF, and Singapore International School.



Katie has been teaching English and Chinese for over 5 years to both local and international school students. A graduate of a top local school and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she enjoys coaching students on the understanding of concepts as well as examination skills.



Clare is a psychology teacher. She received 7 in IBDP Psychology. Her lessons are conducted in English.



Harpreet has taught at some of the best international schools in Hong Kong. She majored in secondary school mathematics in her PGDE and is very well-versed in explaining complex mathematical concepts to students. She can identify students' weaknesses easily and help them tackle their fears with confidence.