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SAT fans rejoice!

In a 2018 survey the SAT welcome 2.1 million while the ACT shyed around 1.9 million test takers. The 0.2 million difference in the number of test takers is no laughing matter. Let’s look a little deeper on how the SAT received more test takers in 2018.

A new version of SAT came out March 2016. Since 2018 it has been a good few years for test takers to familiarize and practice the new test according to Cyndie Schmeiser, a senior adviser to David Coleman, the College Board president. "In time, we will see changes that are true reflection in students improving their readiness over time," Schmeiser said. The SAT may have lost in the number of test takers previously but as of 2018, the number of test takers have bounced back up.

The new test only has two sections instead of three allowing test takers to score a maximum number of 1600 points instead of previously scoring 2400 points. Overall the test is shorter with fewer math questions, no penalty for wrong answers, no more obscure vocabulary and an optional essay.

Certain schools in the U.S. also host a SAT school day program. Students can now take SAT tests within their own school without taking a day off or taking the test on a Saturday. This encourages test takers across the country to take the SAT conveniently within their own school campus. #Pathleader #AcademicTutoring #SAT

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