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SAT? ACT? Which one should you choose?

The ACT and SAT have been both recognized by many university acceptances in the United States but students to this day are still unsure which one to take. In terms of credibility they are neck to neck on the same level so it all comes down to how well you can score in either one. Naturally they are different tests so the questions should also be different. There are 6 important elements that you’ll need to consider to decide which test is most suited for you.

Element 1. Citing Evidence for your Answers

The reading portion of the SAT requires you to cite specific evidence for your answer. If you have trouble with these kinds of reading questions then the ACT is probably more suited for you.

Element 2. Writing

Both tests have a writing portion. ACT will grade you more on grammar, spelling, sentence structure and overall presentation of the composition. Whereas the SAT focuses more on your writing style and how you select the most appropriate word or phrase into your writing. If you’re confident in grammar then ACT is for you. If you’re stronger in vocabulary then SAT is suited for you.

Element 3. Scientific Terminology

ACT will throw you a lot of scientific terms during the science portion. If you are unfamiliar or unconfident in scientific terminology then the SAT is more suited for you.

Element 4. Mathematics

ACT’s math portion deals with a lot of geometry and trigonometry while SAT will be mostly in algebra. Also ACT does not provide any formulas while the SAT provides most of the formulas for you.

Element 5. Attention to detail reading

The SAT and ACT require test takers to find and answer some specific questions within the reading portion. SAT will usually remind the reader which line or paragraph the answer is found whereas the ACT simply will not.

Element 6. Calculator

The SAT has a No Calculator and a Calculator part on the mathematics portion whereas the ACT allows you to use a calculator for all math questions.

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